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Thank you for visiting the MAK (McDonough-Adams-Kings Hwy) Historic District website. We invite you to read about our neighborhood, check out our upcoming events, and learn about the history of our homes and families. The year 2010 will mark 100 years from the building of the first homes in our neighborhood and we look forward to sharing our history with you!

This site is maintained by the MAK Neighborhood Association, and your comments and suggestions are welcome. Please submit your questions or feedback on the contact form.

Attention MAK Residents

We are going to be having a meeting with Regina Brewer, City of Decatur Community & Economic Development on Monday, November 15 from 7-9 PM at Agnes Scott College (Bullock G-09). The agenda:

  1. Nomination of the MAK neighborhood to the National Register of Historic Places.
  2. Metal Roof standards for the MAK historic district.
  3. Revising the Decatur Design Guidelines. (Georgia State University student project)
  4. Question/Answer by residents on preservation issues related to MAK and Decatur.

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MAK Notecards

Introduced at the 2008 Decatur Tour of Homes, the MAK boxed notecard set is now available for purchase!

Each set features five historic homes on Adams street rendered by local artist TW Meyer. Boxes of 10 cards with envelopes are available for $3 and may be purchased from the MAK Neighborhood Committee.

Proceeds benefit the neighborhood association.